With what I have learned, I’ve found that my passion is to help people.  I’vedisease prevention realized over several years that many of the problems we suffer with physically as well as spiritually, we have brought on ourselves.  We have allowed ourselves to be broken.  It is not only my goal to inspire people and help them get well, not just physically, but emotionally, and spiritually.  It is my hope that those who have been blessed by this health ministry will share what they have experienced and learned with others.

8 years ago, I began my journey towards good health.  I was suffering with pains in my chest, lack of energy, among other things.  Upon finding some principles I found in the bible.  Such as Daniel who went on a raw food diet when he was in Babylon in chapter 1 of his book., the  bible talked about how his face was shinier than the rest of those who were eating the kings meat and drinking the kings wine after just 10 days.  I began to come across some of these testimonies of others who were doing the same things and I realized that there was a connection and that really we were designed to be in health, but because of neglect we were putting taxing burdens upon our bodies, and this was causing us to suffer with disease.

I also found that most doctors on average receive hardly any training in nutrition, and the rest of their training comes from the pharmaceutical industry.  I found that by prescribing medication, and doing surgery that doctor’s make bigger profits, and that if you get well,  they don’t profit as much.

Joe Cross fat sick and nearly dead weight loss juicing raw food coaching

Joe Cross – From the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I began to notice more as I continued in my studies, that we were originally designed to eat fruits, and seeds, and herbs.(Genesis 1:29).  And I had come across many web pages of people eating plant based vegan diets who were experiencing healing from things that even doctors had said they could not be healed from.  I had watched films showing amazing transformations taking place in people, and I realized that like a car, we can’t put the wrong fuel into it, or run it without oil, or it will break down.  And the same is true with our bodies.

Your body will heal, whatever the disease, if given the proper nutrients(building blocks).  Sometimes there are other conditions that need to be dealt with, such as environment, rest, exercise which are important to a balanced health plan.

As I continued my journey, I established a website called  I had tried a raw diet several times in the past, as well as juicing, fasts, and several other health benefiting lifestyle changes. I’ve realized that It takes time to learn how to make decent food.  And probably because my meals were nothing more than some lettuce, and/or an apple.  Sometimes we need some help in making the transition.

Many who want to do this have seen the benefits, but some have also fallen off, sometimes because of lack of order and preparation.   When doing a cleanse and trying to get well, the best thing we can do for ourselves is overload on nutrition.  Nutrition builds strong cells and the immune system is able to better fight disease and energy levels peak.

I have been helping people to do cleansing, and normally I recommend a raw diet with some detox drinks and food as well as other health practices and they experience amazing benefits shedding pounds, reversing diabetes, cancer, and other diseases, and overall they would have massive benefits.

I want to show people how to do this and to maintain it.  To see the amazing benefits, and to also share with others.